Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good and Bad News for me from Patch 4.01

Well the good news is that Feral Druid tanking is still pretty awesome! I do mourn the loss of spammable swipe aoe threat, but single target TPS has never been better. I did have a bit of a hard time finding the glyphs I wanted for my build on the AH, thankfully I have a good friend who is a scribe! If you have interest in Feral Combat Tanking here is my build.

Now on to the bad (at least for myself). Ret Paladin is currently in a sad shape. I have a moderately well geared pally (6k gearscore per the mod). I was able to produce about 8k dps on a target dummy, this is now down to a lowly 5k. I am hearing the same issues from all the retadins that I speak to. The new Holy Power mechanic that was introduced it interesting from a design stand point but seems clunky in delivery. They also stated that they wanted paladin to be less "face roll" but I found in my testing on live servers that I have no time to establish a real rotation as Holy Power generation seems far too "RNG" dependent. But Blizz has given a statement of good news to retadins and other classes that are feeling the burn of this patch.

Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Source)
We made many changes yesterday. A lot of these were bug fixes, and many bug fixes will affect damage one way or the other. So just because you don't see a specific change referenced below, doesn't mean it didn't change.

With that said, here are the specific changes we made in reference to my previous post:

1) We buffed the base points and coefficients of many warrior dps abilities. We didn't do as much to tanking abilities.

We buffed the base points and coefficients of many Ret abilities.

We buffed the base points and coefficients of many Feral cat abilities.

2) We lowered the base points and coefficients of many Mage abilities, but lowered Fire more than the other two.

3) We nerfed Shadow Word: Death, but it is possible we didn't nerf it enough. It should not be Shadow's biggest spell.

4) We returned Searing Pain's damage to its 3.3.5 levels.

5) We increased the benefit of resilience by 50% for players level 80 and below. The tooltips will probably not reflect this change.

We don't have any other changes to announce at this time. I am reluctant to mention additional classes or specs that we are looking at currently for fear of instilling excitement or panic. 
For those who are interested I will also provide my build for ret and see if I have missed anything.

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